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My Favorite from Today Raw


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Sung-Joon, who has a sexual desire that overflows like the phrase "damn 20s", has a secret that he can't tell anyone. It's about watching past idol "Jang Min-young"'s fan cam and defending herself. So I got drunk and had my first kiss with my friend Banji and took her home... Sung-Joon, embarrassed by the beauty of his mother's appearance, inadvertently ran away to hide her erect genitalia, but in the end, he ended up dreaming. Sung-Joon, who said that it was the first time she dreamed of a woman other than Jang Min-young, again asks Geum-ji to drink alone... What does Seongjun think?

My Favorite from Today Raw
0.0/ 5
  • Yag-Yeong
Alternate Titles
  • wreck my bias
  • Destrozando mis Prejuicios
  • 오늘부터 최애
  • Una nueva historia
  • My Favorite from Today Raw